Gurrisonic orchestraJOSÉ GURRÍA’S GURRISONIC: 
1. James Blackwell Trumpet/Piccolo Trumpet/Flugelhorn 1
2. Daniel Rosenboom Trumpet/ Flugelhorn 2
3. Allen Fogle French Horn
4. Peter Connell Trombone 2
5. Blake Cooper Tuba in C/Tuba in F/Cimbasso
1. Christine Tavolacci Alto Flute/Flute #1
2. Daniel Weidlein Flute #2/ Soprano Sax/Tenor Saxophone
3. Justo Almario Flute#3/Clarinet/ Tenor Saxophone
4. Gavin Templeton Flute/Alto Saxophone/Bass Clarinet/Baritone Sax #1
5. Rory Mazzella Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Baritone Sax #2
6. Ryan Wilkins Bassoon/Contrabassoon
7. John Stehney Bassoon/Contrabassoon
Rhythm Section
1. Daniel Szabo Piano
2. Alexander Noice Electric Guitar/sfx
3. José Gurría-Cárdenas Drumset
String Section

1. Eric KM Clark Violin 1
2. Tylana Renga Violin 2
3. Lauren Baba Violin 3/Viola 1
4. Betsy Rettig Violoncello 1
5.Tara Atkinson Violoncello 2
6. Dave Tranchina Doublebass

1. Karina Kallas Voice
2. Dorian Wood Voice
3.Areni Agbabian Voice
4. Martha Gonzalez Voice

Marc Lowenstein

Drawings, Inspiration and Imagery
Camilo Gurría
Nicolas Gurría
Amaro Gurría

Esperanza Rodríguez de Cárdenas
Angel Gurría Quintana
Jose Gurría-Cardenas

These brilliant musicians have played with us and we love them:

Don Byron Clarinet
Tom McNalley Electric Guitar
Josh Welchez Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Josh Aguiar Trumpet/Flugelhorn
TJ Tesh Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Phil O’Connor Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Moira Smiley Voice
Eddika Organista Voice
Marja Lisa Kay Voice
Walt Simonsen Trumpet/Flugelhorn
James Blackwell Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Ryan Kinestra Trombone
Todd Eames Trombone
Greg Johnson Tenor Saxophone
Javier Vergara Tenor Saxophone
Paul Cartwright Violin
Artyom Manukyan Violoncello
Aniela Perry Violoncello
Nate Light Doublebass
Rory Mazzella Eb/Bb Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
Jon Armstrong Tenor Saxophone
Vicente Chavarria Voice
Thom Lea Viola
Scott Jeppessen Tenor
Nick Mancini Vibraphone
Lisa McCormick French Horn

People we love that contribute in so many ways to  Gurrisonic Orchestra

Luis Grane Visuals and animation
Eron Rauch Stage Art
Tim Yalda Curve Line Space
Alex Chaloff Video
Masa Tzusuki Sound  Engineer
Joon Lee Blue Whale Bar (Los Angeles)
Roman Jaster/José Yapur Graphic Design
Management, Booking and Public Relations:




These are the magicians that help me built our coming debut album Three Kids Music:

Producer: José Gurría-Cárdenas and Valeria Palomino

Recording Engineer: Greg Curtis

1st Assistant: Milton Gutiérrez

2nd Assistant: Andrew Zisakis

Editing Engineer: Valeria Palomino

Mixing Engineer: Rich Breen for Dogmatic Sound

Mastering Engineer: Gavin Lurssen for Lurssen Mastering

Video: Alex Chaloff for Bucket’s Moving Company (not a real moving company)

Art: Ngene Mwaura

Photography: Farah Sosa

Graphic Design: Petrushka Verenice Sáinz

Data-bending Glitch-art: Fabián Avila and Cristian Bañuelos

Contractor: Noah Gladstone

Inspiration: Camilo Gurría, Nicolás Gurría, Amaro Gurría

The Gurrisonic Orchestra debut album Three Kids Music was recorded at The Bridge Recording in Glendale, California on May 1st 2014.


I want to thank all of the people above, and many more that I fail to mention, for the privilege of getting to know them and believing in me and my music. Your artistry and brilliance combined with your smiles and good-guidance has been life altering to my music-making and personal experience. The support of all these wondrous men and women has been unflagging, and it has made me all the more aware of the marvelous responsibility invested in the attempt to tell stories through the elaboration of my music. In all, your persistence of vision and heart, is a constant inspiration in my life.